With a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mitch provides three components of family practice-style mental health services: therapy & counseling; consultation; training, presentations & workshops.

EMFC helps people of all ages with:

  • Self-regulation and self-calming strategies for anxiety, depression, stress, and anger
  • Emotional regulation skills
  • Social, emotional, and behavioral management
  • Family relationships, transitions, and disruptions
  • School and learning stressors
  • Peer challenges or concerns
  • ADHD skills training
  • Social skills groups for youth with ASD and other social and communication challenges
  • Parent skills training and support
paper silhouette of human head with puzzle piece pulled out of brain area
Therapy & Counseling

Individual, family, and group psychotherapy are at the core of EMFC's services. Mitch provides comprehensive mental health assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Learn more about rates, insurance and booking an appointment.



EMFC provides flexible consultations for parents and families. On-location small group advising/coaching is also available. To learn more about how you, your family, or organization can benefit from EMFC, contact Mitch today.

Training, Presentations & Workshops

Mitch is a resource for families, educators, professionals, community groups, and organizations seeking to better understand Autism Spectrum Disorder. Learn more about presentation topics or booking an event.